Monkey Tested, KID Approved!

A Brand New, Original Program from Mark Daniel,  all about Curious Monkeys, Great Books and by George, it is wildly fun indeed!
Perfect for Preshoolers, Kindergartners and folks who love George:)


Curiously Fun:
Looking for George
George was supposed to meet Mark so they could share some of his favorite books before nap time and he is nowhere to be found!
The hunt is on as Mark and friends look for George, finding great books and funny surprises all along the way, that your kids will love!
The Books are awesome: Curious Geroge's Dinosaur Discovery, Caps for Sale, Curious George Color Fun, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Goodnight Moon, and more!
And the fun is contagious with George playing tricks and pranks on Mark throughout the visit.
This original program by Mark is excitng, funny, and will have your kids clamoring to read and share some of the best books ever!


Highlights from The Program
Mark and Steggie the Stegosaurus share the beloved classic Caps for Sale!
Cedric the monkey hilariously shows Mark that he knows his colors.
George and Mark share great books like One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and Goodnight Moon!
A Wacky coloring book, a misbehaving crayon, a puzzle that only one of your kids can solve, and silly surprises abound!
Funny surprises, the amazing Lodge stage set, and fantastic music, all combine to make Curiously Fun a winner for your kids!


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Mark and the gang

can't wait to share

Curiously Fun:

Looking for George!

with your kids!



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