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A Poignant, Inspiring, and Fun Celebration of Kindness, Sharing, Caring, Courage, a​nd Friendship.

Truly a Program for Our Times!


READ-a-saurus: A voracious reader of dinosaur sized proportions who exemplifies kindness, respect, courage, honesty, and friendship.

READasaurus hear them roar, with enthusiasm, spirit and energy! Yet character traits continue to be a day to day challenge in teaching our kids to grow up responsibly. Mission: READasaurus Cares uses wonderful stories and books that point to the path of Good Character.

Mission: READasaurus Cares is beautifully brought to life by one of Reading's Top Ambassadors: Mark Daniel! Mark has learned in his own life his own life the true strength of genuine kindness, sharing, courage, respect, and friendship. And the fact that those traits are lifelong endeavors that are the marks of lives well lived. 


Join Mark, Steggie the Stegosaurus, and Wallie the Rabbit, as the adventure unfolds in a marvelous tradition that are the hallmark of Mark's Programs. Mark and gang will lead your children on a jaunt through good books sharing the joy of reading that has become his passion and life's work.

Highlights of The Program

* Mission: READasaurus Cares opens with a motivational poem written by Mark called:

When You Care, and it "shines" just the right light on the visit!

* Mark, Steggie and the Duckling celebrate kindness and sharing with Mo Willem's The Duckling Get's A Cookie.

* Valerie Flournoy's The Patchwork Quilt, with Jerry Pinkney's terrific illustrations, is a heartwarming story of family, respect, perseverance and doing your best. The book springs to life beautifully with 2 of your students.


*  Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud has folks rooting for bucket fillers everywhere! With Mark, your kids and a magical bucket - the smiles, affirmation and incredible surprises come one right after the other.


* Demi's The Empty Pot is a stunningly powerful story of Honesty, Courage and doing your very Best! Mark recreates the story lovingly with great storytelling, very special props, gorgeous Chinese music and a touch of incredible magic. Gasps at the end guaranteed!

* Plus, a touching finale, the incredible READasaurus Museum stage set, terrific music throughout, and Wallie the rabbit stops by!



Mission: Readasaurus Cares! Beautifully Supports PBIS School Goals!





The Particulars


Mission: READasaurus Cares is approximately 45 minutes and is suitable for PreK-5th grade. Through years of experience Mark can skillfully present for a mixed grade range or even better yet, tailor to specific grade ranges for instance K-2 and 3-5 with excellent results.


The program incorporates terrific books, storytelling, puppetry, book talking, magic tricks, and audience participation, all blended artfully with the notion that we learn and are impacted on many different levels, many different ways. You will enjoy great books, tremendous fun, and a powerful message in a self-contained program with terrific music, an awesome sound system, and a fantastic stage set! Folks often mention how he beautifully incorporates music to punctuate and stimulate throughout the performance.

Mark's one of a kind, unique style has evolved over 25 years of reading presentations for over 3 million children. His celebrations of the joy of reading through storytelling, booktalking, puppetry, magic tricks (illusions) and fun, are all layered and interwoven in a style that folks call delightful and many consider brilliant!


Educators are often stunned as Mark takes groups of energetic, wiggly kids and through his gentle manner and folksy style, yet fast pace, has them within a few minutes listening and watching with rapt attention. Each year Mark enjoys working with Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Media Specialists, Guidance Counselors, PTA/PTO's, Principals and educators to help fulfill and celebrate the goal of your students reading.

Mark is renowned for his unique, gentle, respectful approach with children and considered by many as one of the best in the business. Sought after for his unique personality and pioneering brand of storytelling, he brings to your students a masters skills in group dynamics and fun. From bursts of laughter to the quite hush of high interest, Mark leads the charge for your students in celebrating great books!

 Mark's incredible show sets continue collaborating with terrific illustrator Angel Contreras the READasaurus stage set is designed as a Magical READasaurus Museum: A place filled with artifacts and treasure and looking so inviting, that it makes you want to climb into the artwork and explore, or maybe pull a book down from the one of the curious bookshelves and become a READasaurus yourself!


Inviting Mark

We are happy to customize Mark's appearance based on your needs. Drawing from the experience of thousands of performances, may we suggest that while we can accommodate any size group as your space allows, we have found that the perfect audience size for this program is up to 300 children per performance.

If you have a larger student body, we suggest dividing them into smaller groups, as once Mark is on site, you receive a significant discount on additional programs. This ensures the best and most intimate theater experience for your children.



Invite Mark Today! Call Tami at 1-800-848-5634 for fee/honorariums and to schedule an assembly program that will thrill and motivate your students, as well as please your faculty. You will enjoy a program that is literature-based and solidly educational, from a performer you can depend on. Mark and the gang are headed your way, and you will love what school after school has called their "best assembly program of the year." Mark looks forward to visiting with YOU.

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