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Reading,Science,Imagination and
The Magic of Dinosaurs!


The ProjecT
 Mark marries the love of great books and the Science, lore and fun of Dinosaurs in a visit with an assembly that will excite kids and future paleontologists beyond belief!
The Exciting Program
Non-fiction and Fiction meet in the middle with The READasaurus Project! Books and Science come to life through Dinosaur Puppets, Fossils, Storytelling, Booktalking, Magic Tricks, and the Audience Involvement Mark is famous for!
With books like The Enormous Egg; Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs, The Magic Treehouse: Dinosaurs Before Dark, The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins, Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?; and more, they are bound to excite, inspire, and delight the Dinosaur lover in your students. Add in the awesomee "Base Camp" stage set, great music, unique props, and you have an "out of the ballpark winner" for your kids.
Program Highlights
Share in the fun of The Enormous Egg with a huge surprise even Uncle Beasley wasn't expecting!
Dino the Dinosaur makes us think in a surprising and very funny way as we ponder Did Dinosaurs Have Feathers?
Magic Treehouse Fun is in store with Mark, Pterri the Pterodactyl, and a red backpack as they search for Dinosaurs Before Dark.
Steggie the Stegosaurus and Mark share a hilarious fact-filled, fossil-filled show and tell!
Wallie the rabbit stops by for a surprise visit!
And much more, including the awesome Base Camp stage set, the incredible music, and great books, WOW!
Plus, Add The Traveling Dinosaur Museum for an Even more Incredible Visit!
We are excited to offer you a  wonderful companion to THE READasaurus Project visit.
An amazing 30 year and growing collection, your kids will love seeing up close a combination of Real Fossils along with Museum Quality Dinosaur Replicas.
Plus, dinosaur models, music, special lighting, and a cool set design help bring the fossils and understanding of these incredible animals full circle for your kids!
Click here for Dinosaur Museum info.


This Visit promotes your Reading Goals and supports STEM Objectives!


A Note:

This program neither espouses Creationism or Evolutionism, it importantly leaves that for each individual's own research. It does however celebrate those magnificent animals that one day roamed every corner of the globe!


Call Tami Today to Track Your Visit at 800-848-5634 or

The Particulars

Grade Level Appropriate

The READasaurus Project; Dinosaurs! is approximately 45 minutes and is suitable for PK-5th grade. (Through years of experience Mark can skillfully present for a mixed grade range or even better yet, tailor to specific grade ranges for instance K-2 and 3-5 with excellent results.

The Content

The program incorporates terrific books, storytelling, puppetry, book talking, magic tricks, and audience participation, all blended artfully with the notion that we learn and are impacted on many different levels, many different ways.
You will enjoy great books, tremendous fun, and more celebration of the joys of reading in a self-contained program with terrific music, an awesome sound system, and a fantastic stage set! Folks often mention how Mark beautifully incorporates music to punctuate and stimulate throughout the performance.
​Mark's Approach
Mark is renowned for his unique, gentle, respectful approach with children and considered by many as one of the best in the business.
Sought after for his unique personality and pioneering brand of storytelling, he brings to your students a masters skills in group dynamics and fun. From bursts of laughter to the quite hush of high interest, Mark leads the charge for your students in celebrating reading.

The Dino Stage Set

Mark's incredible show sets continue with The READasaurus Project. The stage set is designed around a Magical Base Camp, and looking so cool, that it makes you want to step into the artwork and explore, or maybe pull a book down from the one of the curious bookshelves, sit down and become a READasaurus yourself.
Call Tami at 800-848-5634, your young readers will love you for it!(Pair this program with The Traveling Dinosaur Museum and A Very Magical Family Reading Night for a Full Day of
Reading Excitement!)

Meet "Dippy" at The Carnegie Museum

of Natural History

Join Mark at Axtell Studio in Ventura, CA as he chats with his friend Steve Axtell and Terry Dactyl

Mark visits the terrific and awe- inspiring

dinosaur and fossil collection at the

North Carolina Musum of Natural Sciences

The Scoop on Coprolite

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