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Available as a Virtual Visit!

The Virtual and In Person

Science and Reading Assembly





Join Mark, Steggie, Kenny Chestnut the Bunny, as they share great books with your young Writers, Illustrators, Authors, Creators, Makers, Astronauts and READasauruses!

 A Joyful, Book Filled Reading Celebration, with the notion that Beloved Books today Build Lifelong Out of This World Readers!

 READasaurus: SPACE Beautifully Supports Your Reading  Goals, and it is inclusive of many interest and reading levels, while inspiring new reading adventures for your kids!


The Particulars

 Mission READasaurus: SPACE is approximately 45-50 minutes and is suitable for PK-5th grade. (Through years of experience Mark can skillfully present for a mixed grade range or even better yet, tailor to specific grade ranges for instance K-2 and 3-5 with excellent results.)

The program incorporates terrific books, storytelling, puppetry, book talking, magic tricks, and audience participation, all blended artfully with the notion that we learn and are impacted on many different levels, many different ways. You will enjoy great books, tremendous fun, and more celebration of the joys of reading in a self-contained program with terrific music, an awesome sound system, and a fantastic stage set! Folks often mention how Mark beautifully incorporates music to punctuate and stimulate throughout the performance.
Mark is renowned for his unique, gentle, respectful approach with children and considered by many as one of the best in the business. Sought after for his unique personality and pioneering brand of storytelling, he brings to your students a masters skills in group dynamics and fun. From bursts of laughter to the quite hush of high interest, Mark leads the charge for your students in celebrating reading.

Mark's incredible show sets continue with  READasaurus: Space and looking so cool, that it makes you want to climb into the artwork and explore!


Bring READasaurus: Space to your School Today!
Call Tami at 800-848-5634, your young readers will love you for it!
(Many Schools pair this program with A Very Magical Family Reading Night for a full day of Reading Celebration!)




We can create a Custom video to promote Your Virtual visit too!

Highlights of
The Program

​* Very Cool Space Exploration with a Magical Storyteller/Librarian and his his pal Steggie the Stegosaurus.

Their Mission: To share fantastic books, inspire young readers and have a blast doing it! READasaurus: Space opens with your student's Imagination on Full Power in A Magical setting with Great Books to Build Upon!

* The presentation skillfully blends high interest fiction and non-fiction books from all genres.


* Your Kids Will Delight in meeting a Magical Mousetronaut named Meteor!

•Mark and Steggie share the funny and heartwarming tale of friendship which is Boy+Bot!


•An Incredible and Real Extraterrestrial Encounter with Rocks from Space!

Your Kids See and Learn About Real Meteorites found around the world!


Zelda's Big Adventure a heartwarming story about a trip to space, and friendship comes to life along with a VIP passenger!

Awesome Books, Special Effects, Video illustrations and Interactives, combine for a tremendous virtual visit!

* A Special 3rd-5th Grade Version is available!

Invite Mark and The Gang Today for A SPACETASTIC Visit with your Kiddos! Contact Tami at




How Can Your School Best Use Mark's Programs?​

    Here's some of the ways other schools have filled their needs with his     performances. One may just be perfect for you:


Reading Program Kick Off, Finale

& Reward​                         

 Accelerated Reader Kick Off and Finale
 Title 1 Family Involvement Night ​
 Family Reading Night ​
 Literacy Festivals​
 Book Fairs ​
 Book It ​
National Library Week​
SC Read to Succeed
 Young Author's ​










Read Across America

Cultural Arts Week
PTO/PTA Family Event
Break From Testing (Yes)
Rif Celebrations
Right To Read (Ohio)
Terrific Kids
And Maybe Even Something Special Just For You!
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