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Traveling Dinos Adventures

Making The Museum Happen at Your School 





The Pertinent Info


The Museum visit is perfect for your kids to get the complete experience up to 50-60 at a time per class period/block.

(Yes, we can flex up or down as needed. For really large groups multi day residences are available. The museum visits are customized to your needs.)

*Evenings in the museum are very cool. Your kiddos have toured during the day, and when they return with their families in the evenings the programing is different, as they become the tour guides. (Yes, we'll be on hand with you to help and guide along of course.)

The museum can accommodate up to 100+ folks at a time in the evenings, based on space. We'll also work with you on easy, and fun activity ideas for any families waiting, and for after the museum as well.

Traveling Dinos is self contained, you supply the space, the tables, coordinate your groups, and we do the rest! The Museum can be set nearly anywhere indoors and securable. Get a feel for where you might place the museum with the video examples below.

We have a "Getting Ready for The Museum Guide" for you,  once you've set your date that makes the visit "easy peasy" for you! 

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What You Receive:

Traveling Dinos is a full day visit with

Up to six period/block visits of the complete museum experience.

An evening family event can be added.*

Contact Tami to help you design an affordable, custom experience for your school.

(See the Funding Ideas That Work below. )


Call Today 1-800-848-5634 and Tami will be delighted to help you or email her at 

(A 1/3 Deposit may be required)

Funding Ideas That Work:

Title 1

Yes, with strong book and reading tie ins, while including family involvement.

Book Fair

Ditto, it's perfect for funding with the book fair.


One great idea we've seen many times is the PTA/PTO partnering with Title 1, and or the media specialist/ Book Fair to make each of the contributions easier. 

In House Field Trip

A few dollars a child just as you would for an off site field trip. Example 300 kiddos X $8.00 = $2,400.00



Educational, Artistic, and Community Foundation Grants may be available in your area.


Local Businesses and companies are often delighted to partner with you for educational events. Do ask.

The Mix

We've seen schools effectively use a combination of the ideas above, many times!



Is the fee negotiable?

For multiple days in the same location, yes.

Also we will stay overnight in the area typically for 2-3 nights. If you can arrange to have the hotel donated we can negotiate a better price.

(For instance: If one of your parents operates a hotel or a hotel partners with the school by donating the night/s please do let us know.)

Suitable hotel types are Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Fairfield Inn, Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Bed and Breakfast Inns or the independent equivalents. (The rule of thumb, if you like it, find it safe and would stay there yourself, then Mark and Tami probably would as well.)





The Museum in a Classroom

The Museum in a Gym

Support Materials for The Traveling Dinos Museum

A Stage/ Gym Combo

Mark and Tami have spent years honing this very unique adventure so that your kids and families will have an awesome learning event.

The two have decades of experience, not only with Mark's thousands of presentations, but also with producing large events like national conferences and sports tournaments.

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