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Join Mark Daniel as he travels from school to school sharing positive news stories about reading. Meet the librarians, reading specialists, PTO/PTA volunteers and the folks beautifully bringing books to life for kids. See the passion, the joy and the fun of reading with tips, reviews and ideas from around the Reading World.

By virtue of his wanderings, he is privy to some of the coolest ideas with books and reading and the endlessly fascinating folks who share them.

Episode 1, Browsing Bins

A visit with Media Specialist Laura Hines at Greensboro Day School as she shares a great book display idea.

Episode 2, Table Toppers

Mark visits again with Media Specialist, Laura Hines, with another excellent book display idea in the Library.

Episode 3, Book Reviews

October book reviews from Rita Martin, Media Specialist at Sheffey Elem. In Wytheville, VA, Rita book talks Scaredy Cat Splat and If you were a monster.

Episode 4: Nutcrackers in the Library

Nutcrackers in the Library. Join your host Mark Daniel, Magical Storyteller as he explores Rita Martin's Nutcracker Collection in the library at Sheffey Elem. in Wytheville, VA

Episode 5: The Library Table

Mark Daniel chats with Librarian Joan Hendrix at Byrnes School about their wonderful library table.

Episode 6: Ideas For Building Your Reading Incentives Program

Mark Daniel, magical storytelller talks with Amber Dow about the very successful reading incentives program that she directs through her PTA at Claxton Elem. In Greensbro, NC.

Episode 7: The New Books Shelf

The Place For New Books
Librarian Joan Hendrix at The Byrnes School in Florence, SC discusses the libraries book shelf for new books with Mark.

Episode 8: Fundraising Ideas for Literacy Events
Mark Daniel chats with Stephanie Hatcher at Hopewell Elem. in Trinity, NC. Stephanie shares how she did her fundraising for a school wide literacy event in record time. Great ideas for today's economy.​​

Episode 9: Book Reviews

Mark visits with Lara Hines, Media Specialist at Greensboro Day School as she shares book reviews from favorites- Toot and Puddle, Library Lion, and Not A Box.

Episode 10: Reading Goody Bag

Jamie Young, Reading Specialist, at Tussing Elem. in Colonial Heights, VA shares a terrific Reading Goody Bag idea with Mark.

Episode 11: Ideas From A Successful Family Reading Night Event!

Mark Daniel visits Cherokee Elem. in Johnson City, TN and takes you on an all access tour of their wonderful literacy event. He chats with principal Mary Nell McIntyre and the Family Reading Night coordinator Diane Cantrell about the evening.

Episode 12: A Great School Website with a Reading Focus.
Meet Ken Josef the webmaster at Elizabeth Cashwell Elem. in Fayetteville, NC.  Mark chats with him on the incredible work he does through the school's website to help keep the kids and their parents informed. Of interest is the Book of the Week feature and reading focus.


Episode 13: Pop Ups In The Library

Nola Jiles, Media Specialist at BM Williams Primary in Chesapeake, VA shares some of her extensive pop up book collection with Mark.

Episode 14: Book Club

Angie Smith, Media Specialist at Hickory Elem. In Chesapeake, VA explains their very novel, genre oriented, book club.

Episode 15: The Library Animals

Nola Jiles discusses her libraries large, mostly donated, stuffed animal collection at BM Williams Primary. A terrific idea that is so much fun for the kids!

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