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Add a second or third performance, same day at your school, while Mark is there for an additional $495 per program.

Have him stay over and present A Very Magical Family Reading Night! for only $595 additional. If he is coming in to present the Family Night, only, please use the regular price.

Call Today 1-800-848-5634 and Tami will be delighted to help you!

(A 1/3 Deposit may be required)


A Favor:

If Mark is speaking for your school, and more than 150 miles from home, he and Tami more than likely will be spending the night in the vicinity the evening before. And always staying over the night of, if he's presenting a Family Reading Night for you. If you should have an arrangement with an area hotel, please let us know as this helps with travel costs which you know are always a great expense.  

(For instance: If one of your parents operates a hotel or a hotel partners with the school by donating the night or significantly discounting it, please do let us know.) Suitable hotel types are Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Fairfield Inn, Country Inn and Suites by Carlson, Bed and Breakfast Inns or the independent equivalents. (The rule of thumb if you like it, find it safe and would stay there yourself, then Mark and Tami probably would as well.)

Please understand, this is not a requirement, however if you have this option available, Mark is delighted to take you up on it. Thanks so much!



Central, Southeast and West  $855.00
Northeast and West                $895.00

(Note: For The Traveling Dinos Museum, please click here.)


Beginning near Toledo and the western edge at Matamora then down to Dayton, Lima,
Caledonia near Columbus, with a stop at a school and a really big basket (the former Longaberger HQ) in Newark, over to the Kent area, Canton Local, then up to Warren and south to Belmont and New Matamoras. You could say that Ohio schools have welcomed Mark from one end of Matamora(s) to the other:>)

We are happy to customize Mark's appearance based on your needs. Drawing from the experience of thousands of performances, may we suggest that while we can accommodate any size group as your space allows, we have found that the perfect audience size for this program is up to 300 children per performance. If you have a larger student body, we suggest dividing them into smaller groups, as once Mark is on site, you receive a significant discount on additional programs. This ensures the best and most intimate theater experience for your children.

By the way, many schools have Mark stay for a full day including daytime assemblies and the evening A Very Magical Family Reading Night presentation.
Click Video for Literacy Event Fundraising Ideas

A Note from Jim Hooper,
Coordinator for Title with Vandalia/Butler, OH Schools

(Now with Greenville City Schools)

 "I just wanted to send a thank you for coming to Vandalia and presenting the Treasure of the Readasaurus and A Very Magical Family Reading Night to our students, staff and parents. The response to your performances has been overwhelmingly appreciative and the students are all talking about reading, the shows, and especially Wallie. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, watching the presentations, and am honored that you shared your love for reading with our students. Mr. Martin at Demmitt told me that this was the best assembly he’s ever been a part of. I have also heard from parents that the methods that you shared – interactively reading with the students, acting out scenes – have inspired those parents to read differently with their children, not just sit and read."

​Funding Ideas That Work


These are some of the ways that other schools use to bring Mark in, and one or a combination may just work for you.

  • Grants, Reading Foundations, etc. (ie,Target, Wal-Mart, etc..)
  • General and Special Use School Fund
  • Fundraisers (Book Fairs, Wrapping Paper Sales)
  • Education Partners (Business Sponsors)
  • Arts Council Grants - In NC, Mark's programs are Arts Council friendly and fundable through Grass Roots. He is on the approved Artists in Schools roster for the Asheville Area Arts Council and the Fayetteville/Cumberland County Arts Council. In South Carolina he is permanently named to the SC Arts Commission Roster of Approved Artists. All of these organizations make grant funding available to their schools.
  • Cultural Arts Funding PTA/PTO
  • Title 1
  • In House Field Trip

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