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What is a Magical Storyteller?

He who inspires young readers and READasauruses alike! All the while sharing great books and bringing them to life for even the smallest or tallest!

A term Mark coined over 20 years ago: "Magical Storyteller" beautifully defines Mark Daniel's unique cutting edge approach. His performing style is an artful blend of storyteller, puppeteer, magician, booktalker, motivator, and reading ambassador. His multi-discipline techniques have a winning way with students and faculty alike.

What is a READ-a-saurus?

Definition: A voracious reader of Dinosaur sized proportions. Exactly what you want your students to be!

How did Mark's original series of READasaurus programs come about?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​Ah, history! Some 20 plus years ago this amazing adventure started with an original program called Mark Daniel and Those Magical Dinosaurs! The program, all about dinosaurs, captured the imagination of students in a big way. It was presented over 500 times to much acclaim.

His passion since childhood through to this day is reading, as he worked on a follow-up to Those Magical Dinosaurs! It was a natural to blend that interest along with dinosaurs and magic. Little did he know the rocket he was attaching himself to. What followed was Reading is Dino-Magical, then Reading is Dino- Magical, The Sequel! In Search of The Magical Readasaurus!, Project: Readasaurus- The Top Secret Tour!, Readasaurus Rescue!, Readasaurus Express!, Mission: Readasaurus!, and Adventure: READasaurus!, Those programs, were seen by millions of children at thousands of schools.

 Plus, Tales of The READasaurus!, Clues of The Readasaurus!, To Catch a READasaurus, Code Name: READasaurus! and Expedition: REAdasaurus! The programs and adventure continue with READasaurus on The Loose! World Tour, Mission: READasaurus Cares, A Very Magical Family Reading Night, and Hats, Cats, and Books, Oh My, and Traveling Dinos The Pop-Up Museum!

By the way, each program is a stand alone project with continuity of characters and theming which makes it fun for the schools that invite Mark year after year, and exciting for new schools as well.

What are Mark's Credentials?​​​​

Only the best in the world for what he does! The passion for the love of reading and great books are number 1. Next, a concerned father who worked to instill that love for books in his own now grown children and to share it with others as well. And finally the drive to constantly research his topics. As children go through their educational process, the message and importance of reading never changes. We can think of no greater gift than to try to do our small part in that growth. (Learn more about Mark in the Meet Mark​ section.)


Mark's we have a Reading Theme can you Customize to it?​​

Yes, he is happy to do this with advance notice. Actually this is a specialty of his and there is no extra charge as long as his schedule allows. Mark is skilled at adapting to many reading themes or slogans and can be on message for your reading incentives, campaigns and reading programs.

If you've got something you'd like us to help promote, reading wise, we're delighted to do it! Just ask!

Where has Mark Worked?​​

North Carolina​​​​​​​
  From Manteo on NC's Outer Banks to Murphy at the states most western tip, from down east to the piedmont and then on to the mountains, schools have welcomed Mark's message of the joy and celebration of reading for over 20 years!

Traveling the lovely state of PA to schools in the Lehigh Valley and throughout the Poconos, over to the Harrisburg/Dauphin Co. area and down to York, then over to the greater Pittsburgh area and up to "The Wilds" of PA, then further up to Tioga and finally over to Reynolds Elem. in Greenville on the PA/OH stateline. All the way sharing books, visiting friends, family and enjoying the great food and hospitality of the "Keystone" state    

South Carolina
From schools in Hilton Head to Myrtle Beach to York County, across to Landrum and over to Wallhalla down to North Augusta then complete the circle around Hardeeville and now add in all the communities in the center of that circle of the state and you get some idea of where Mark has appeared in South Carolina through the years. OK, all over the place!

Over the years In Virginia, Mark has had the honor of the hundreds of schools he's visited to include the smallest public school at the time Aldie in Northern, VA at 87 children and the largest Glenwood Elem in Virginia Beach at 1,100 students. From 20 visits to Chincoteaque Elem. on the Eastern Shore to Rose Hill Elem. at the most southwestern tip of Virginia and just about everywhere in between.

Beginning near Toledo and the western edge at Matamora then down to
Caledonia near Columbus, with a stop at a school and a really big basket (Longaberger HQ) in Newark, over to the Kent area, then up to Warren and south to Belmont and New Matamoras. You could say that Ohio schools have welcomed Mark from one end of Matamora(s) to the other:>)

From  the Western Peninsula, the eastern Shore, to the eastern Appalachian Mountains, plus mix in numerous book celebration appearances for IKEA College Park and St. Charles Town Center in Waldorf.

New Jersey
Throughout North Jersey and over to the Princeton Area (where Mark has been invited many times to Maurice Hawk's Annual Literacy Festival) then down to the Woodbridge area and out to the shore, the wonderful schools of the Garden State have made Mark feel at home. (Friends all over the state help with that as well!)

Plus, add in schools in Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, and West Virigina too and no wonder he's worn out all of those vehicles gladly with Programs That Bring Reading and Science Magically to Life!

We're cautious, we've had some less than successful experiences with presenters in the past. How do we know?​​​

After talking with many educators about this over the years here are some things we've learned. The concerns we've heard range from folks who show up late, unprepared, have material inappropriate for the grade ranges represented and are difficult to work with. You run in to this, unfortunately, sometimes with folks who volunteer or who do this part time.

Presenting programing for schools is Mark's very rewarding full time career for over 20 years. Developing assemblies requires the same level of dedication as the teaching professionals he works with.​

His audience management techniques often leave educators stunned as Mark takes groups of energetic, wiggly young kids, plus more reserve older students and through his gentle manner and folksy style, yet fast pace, has them within a few minutes listening and watching with rapt attention.

If you've had your fill of bringing in authors and other speakers that while important educationally, just can't connect with your kids, please consider a presenter that's on time, on message, easy to work with, and delivers year after year. He is considered by many as one of the top performers and experts working in schools in the US today.



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​Funding Ideas That Work


These are some of the ways that other schools use to bring Mark in, and one or a combination may just work for you.

Title 1

Yes, with strong book and reading tie ins, while including family involvement.

Book Fair

Ditto, it's perfect for funding with the book fair.


As an Outright sponsor, and a great idea we've seen many times is the PTA/PTO partnering with Title 1, and or the media specialist/ Book Fair to make each of the contributions easier. 

In House Field Trip

A few dollars a child just as you would for an off site field trip. Example 300 kiddos X $4.00 = $1,200.00


Educational, Artistic, and Community Foundation Grants may be available in your area. For instance, Mark is on the roster for a number of Arts Councils that grant through Artists In Schools.


Local Businesses and companies are often delighted to partner with you for educational events. Do ask.

The Mix

We've seen schools effectively use a combination of the ideas above, many times!





How Can Your School Use

Mark's Programs?​

Here's some of the ways other schools have filled their needs with his performances. One may just be perfect for you:

Title 1 Family Involvement Night

Book Fair

PTO/PTA Family Events

Family Reading Night  

In House Field Trips

 Literacy Festivals



Reading Program Celebration

Accelerated Reader Events

Read Across America

Cultural Arts Week

Read to Achieve (NC)

Read to Succeed (SC)

Right to Read (Ohio)


21st Century CCLC

    And Maybe Even Something Special Just For You!​




Bringing Books and Science to Life
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