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Reading, Family
and Dinosaur
Virtual Adventures!


Let's Zoom in and Unpack The Virtual Visit Package
1. Mark creates a Custom Video Promo for you to show your kiddos and their families to build excitement. (He can do this for in person visits too.)

2. Mark practices with you on Zoom a day or two prior to your visit, to check connections, sound, lighting and go over the schedule with you.

3. Visit Day, we start when your kids are in place and we can adhere as tightly to your schedule or as leisurely as you please with questions and chat at the end.

(This works best from your school Zoom account so that you can control the flow in and out of your classes and kiddos. You just make Mark a co-host and spotlight him at the appropriate time.
Using a combination of Visual effects, Live, illustrative video clips and interactives, the visits unfold like a Live TV show, created just for you.

4. For Custom Pre-recorded Visits you receive an Unlisted Vimeo Link that is active for the agreed upon times, this gives your teachers the flexibility to use it during the time that fits best for their classes. 

Pricing is similar to In Person, without the built in travel. Maybe we should rethink that, after all, that trek thru the backyard to the studio can be treacherous.



We'll create a custom promo you to show your kiddos and families to build excitement for the visit.

 Virtual Versions Available of

Behind the scenes, and Mark's

view in the studio.


Contact us @

and we'll create a custom package for

You & Your Kiddos!

The Small Print, or The Best laid plans..

Just a reminder, we're both susceptible to internet fluctuations based on the weather, system maintenance by our providers, and even occasionally cyber attacks. 

Should one of those unwelcome factors intrude, we'll try again as soon as your schedule allows.


Our Moto is "It always an adventure!" 

The Story of The Backyard Studio

Mark's Little Backyard Studio is a "magical place" where he has produced dozens of In Person Live Shows for touring.

A deceptively nondescript outbuilding just 30 feet from the house, it warehouses a treasure trove of props, scenery, artifacts, and books for bringing presentations to life.

When the pandemic showed no signs of going away quickly in the Spring of 2020, he started carving space and installing the lights and tech to make Virtual Presentations happen.

The first challenge though, was internet to the studio. It seemed like a simple challenge, it was not! Wireless was not going to work as so many of us discovered early on, hard wired was the way.


The weekly visits from two different providers for 5 months, was an adventure. One offered broad band, but not fiber optics, which was much too slow for streaming demands, no matter what we tried.  The second provider switched gears and approach mid-way through with their service from home to business, which meant dealing with an entirely different department, but then things started to click. But then of course they don't bury the cable, nor trim briar bushes that love to grow around their street connected equipment. That was done by us in increments the hard way trimming and shoveling, along with many trips to Lowes.

When it was all finished, and equipment installed, and switched on, it worked, easy peasy, it just took the 5 months!

The Streaming equipment was, as for many of us a learning curve that needed months of research and study. While it was challenging, it was also enormous fun to learn and figure out how to put on a virtual show, where the small screen dynamics were completely different from the live experience.

The set you see is actually all working props, and pieces from Mark's shows. The warehouse part of the studio you don't see is bursting full and clamoring for a bigger space. That's on the drawing boards, however in the meantime, it's The Little Backyard Studio that could!

The Virtual Adventure Continues...

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