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READasaurus: Imagination!


Join Mark, Steggie, the Little Dragon, and Kenny the Bunny as they share great books with your young READasauruses!

 A joyful, book filled Reading Celebration, with the notion that reading beloved books today, build lifelong readers tomorrow!

 READasaurus: Imagination beautifully supports your reading  goals, and it is inclusive of many interest and reading levels, while inspiring new reading adventures for your kids!



The Particulars

 Mission READasaurus: Imagination is approximately 40 minutes and is suitable for PK-5th grade. (Through years of experience Mark can skillfully present for a mixed grade range or even better yet, tailor to specific grade ranges for instance K-2 and 3-5 with excellent results.) Some schools also like to present by grade level. We'll tailor the visits to your needs, just ask.

The Virtual Adventure is designed like a live TV show streaming from Mark's Backyard Studio. In addition to his thousands of "live and in person" appearances, he's worked with the video medium for many years. Designing a video studio and translating programs to streaming have been a wonderful creative exercise, and actually a lot of fun!

Mark's mission for you, is to bring you a high quality presentation that will engage kids and really "bring home the books" and reading interest.


Many schools use Zoom which works well with this presentation. Please plan to originate the Zoom meeting, mute all initially, and please make Mark a co-host for the session. (Which allows him use of the control panel for sharing and for some pretty cool presentational bells and whistles. He'll be using the

e camm streaming platform into the Zoom session.) 

For the success of the presentation, let's please plan to rehearse the session the day before, or a few days prior to the actual date with your session host.  Checking that all the toggles are set on each side for sound and sharing really do help work out many of the bugs. With all streaming, there can always be glitches to work through. No worries, we can wargame and plan for contingencies. 

The program incorporates terrific books, storytelling, puppetry, book talking, magic tricks, and audience participation, all blended artfully with the notion that we learn and are impacted on many different levels, many different ways. You will enjoy great books, tremendous fun, and more celebration of the joys of reading in a self-contained program with terrific music, and a magical studio set! Folks often mention how Mark beautifully incorporates music to punctuate and stimulate throughout the performance.
Mark is renowned for his unique, gentle, respectful approach with children and considered by many as one of the best in the business. Sought after for his unique personality and pioneering brand of storytelling, he brings to your students a masters skills in group dynamics and fun. From bursts of laughter to the quite hush of high interest, Mark leads the charge for your students in celebrating reading.


Bring Mission READasaurus: Imagination to your School, Virtually, Today!
Call Tami at 800-848-5634, your young readers will love you for it!



Highlights of The Program

​* Mission READasaurus: Imagination opens with your student's Imagination on full power in a magical studio setting with great books to build upon!

* The presentation skillfully blends high interest books from all genres.


* Hold on for a fracturedly funny retelling of a poem from Jack Prelutsky's The Dragons are Singing Tonight with the Little Dragon, and cameos from the Little Unicorn, and Horton too!

* A book explosion of fantastic titles provides a magical pathway to a surprise finish with Book Moves. You're kids will be fully engaged and involved in the game learning about terrific books all along the way!  


* The Dragon Connection

Encouraging reluctant readers sometimes takes a little extra something, or maybe even books about Dragons! With a pop-up trip through Robert Sabuda's The Dragon and The Knight; imagination and creativity abound!

For centuries the lore of dragons has permeated every culture's literature. There are many today who believe that dragons were inspired by the findings of dinosaur fossils long before folks understood what they were. Mark takes your kids on an awesome tour of dragon, and dinosaur books, and even some real dinosaur fossils to bridge the discussion and send imaginations soaring! 

* We can't leave the Imagination realm without a visit to the house of our favorite Italian grandmother, Tomie DePaulo's magical Strega Nona, and yes, there is pasta, and surprises, oh my!

*And the lovable Kenny Chestnut the Bunny stops by too!


 * Plus a magical studio/library set, terrific music and fun throughout!

The Mission is afoot with

Mission READasaurus: Imagination!


Contact Tami at




How Can Your School Best Use Mark's Programs?​

    Here's some of the ways other schools have filled their needs with his     performances. One may just be perfect for you:


Reading Program Kick Off & Reward​                         

 Accelerated Reader Kick Offs​
 Title 1 Family Night ​
 Family Reading Night ​
 Literacy Festivals​
 Book Fair ​
 Book It ​
National Library Week​
SC Read to Succeed
 Young Author's ​










Read Across America

Cultural Arts Week
PTO/PTA Family Event
Break From Testing (Yes)
Rif Celebrations
Right To Read (Ohio)
Terrific Kids
And Maybe Even Something Special Just For You!
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