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A voracious reader of Dinosaur sized proportions. (Exactly what you want your students to be)

The Adventure Begins


Adventure beckons with Mark Daniel magical storyteller's READasaurus On The Loose! World Tour. Join Mark, Steggie the Stegosaurus and Wallie the Rabbit as they prepare to embark on an odyssey, delving into great books! Your students along with Mark form the READasaurus On the Loose Team. Their mission, to seek out and explore wonderful books!

Taking a break from traveling, enter the READasaurus Magic Memories Attic, it  is a wonderfully magical place to explore and read favorite books.

Books that capture the imagination of young minds! From the funny and heartwarming buddy story of  Officer Buckle and Gloria, to the magical fun of everyone's favorite Italian grandmother Strega Nona, and the stunningly beautiful Japanese story of The Magic Fan plus more wonderful books, combine to make the World Tour book stops unforgettable! During the program each of your kids is empowered to become their own Readasaurus on the Loose! (By reading, of course and putting together their very own World Tour to the library!)

​A Reading Celebration!

READasaurus On The Loose! World Tour celebrates reading, readers and great books in a fantastic  program by master READasaurus wrangler Mark Daniel. Mark's one of a kind, unique style has evolved over 20+ years of READasaurus presentations for over 3 million children. A celebration of the joy of reading through storytelling, booktalking, puppetry, magic tricks and fun, all layered and interwoven in a style that folks call delightful and many consider brilliant!

Educators are often stunned as Mark takes groups of energetic, wiggly kids and through his gentle manner and folksy style, yet fast pace, has them within a few minutes listening and watching with rapt attention.

Each year Mark enjoys working with Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Media Specialists, PTA/PTO's, Principals and educators to help fulfill and celebrate the goal of your students reading.

Join Mark, Steggie the Stegosaurus, and Wallie the Rabbit, as the adventure unfolds in a magical tradition that are the hallmark of Mark's Programs That Bring Books Magically to Life! Mark and gang will lead your children on a romp through good books sharing the magic of reading that has become his passion and life's work.

A Winning Formula!

Looking for the perfect assembly program to help your school focus on Reading and Literacy goals? You've found it, "Readasaurus on the Loose! World Tour" is a great way to reinforce the fun and adventure of curling up with a good book; to motivate your kids to meet and exceed their reading goals; and celebrate your students' success! This is a program bound to delight Bookworms and READasauruses throughout your school!


The Particulars


READasaurus on the Loose! is approximately 45 minutes and is suitable for PK-5th grade. (Through years of experience Mark can skillfully present for a mixed grade range or even better yet, tailor to specific grade ranges for instance K-2 and 3-5 with excellent results.)

The program incorporates terrific books, storytelling, puppetry, book talking, magic tricks, and audience participation, all blended artfully with the notion that we learn and are impacted on many different levels, many different ways. You will enjoy great books, tremendous fun, and more celebration of the joys of reading in a self-contained program with terrific music, an awesome sound system, and a fantastic stage set! Folks often mention how Mark beautifully incorporates music to punctuate and stimulate throughout the performance.

Mark is renowned for his unique, gentle, respectful approach with children and considered by many as one of the best in the business. Sought after for his unique personality and pioneering brand of storytelling, he brings to your students a masters skills in group dynamics and fun. From bursts of laughter to the quite hush of high interest, Mark leads the charge for your students in celebrating reading.

Mark's incredible show sets continue with "Readasaurus on the Loose! World Tour" Collaborating again with terrific illustrator Angel Contreras the READasaurus stage set is being designed around a Magical Memories Attic, and looking so cool, that it makes you want to climb into the artwork and explore, or maybe pull a book down from the one of the curious bookshelves and become a READasaurus yourself. (Mark and Angel working together also designed the  "Readasaurus on the Loose!" logo with Steggie traveling the world discovering great books that we love to READ!)

How Can Your School Best Use Mark's Programs?​

Here's some of the ways other schools have filled their needs with his performances. One may just be perfect for you:

Reading Program Reward & Finale

 Accelerated Reader Reward & Finale

 Title 1 Family Night

 Family Reading Night

 Literacy Festivals

 Book Fair

 Book It

 Read Across America

 Young Author's


National Library Week

Cultural Arts Week

PTO/PTA Family Event

Break From Testing (Yes)


Rif Celebrations

Right To Read (Ohio)

Terrific Kids

And Maybe Even Something Special Just For You!


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